Mourne Granite is an igneous rock which has cooled slowly. Most granites have three materials which can be easily distinguished. Quartz, Mica and Feldspar.

Our Mourne Grey Granite Natural Stoneblock™ is a medium grained, high quality, durable granite sourced from the Mourne Mountain range in Co.Down. The granite is guillotined, shaped and formed into a 60mm concrete backing to create the block module.

Mourne Grey Granite Natural Stoneblock™ is suitable for both internal and external facades. The use of Natural Stoneblock™ in construction has proven significantly cost effective compared to traditionally built stonework. The Natural Stone Block™ can be used in load bearing walls and is not limited to cladding like traditional stone construction.

Natural Stoneblocks are laid on 5mm vertical and horizontal mortar joints to give the appearance of traditional construction while on-site pointing, carried out to Natural Stone Block™ specification, disguises joints completely. 



Product Type:  Granite Stoneblock

Material: Mourne Grey Granite & Concrete

Colour: Grey/white with black speckle

Texture: Medium grained



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